Various ingredients for personal care
products for hair care and
skin protection.

KCI produces and supplies high-quality raw materials directly that can be applied to
various fields such as hair, skin, body, color, and sun care and its quality
has been recognized by various well-known overseas firms.


Meet KCI’s core product lines.

  • Conditioning Polymer

    Used in personal care products such as shampoo and body wash, and specialty hair care products which act as thickening and conditioning agents to give a smooth and soft feeling and improve the ease of combing.

  • Cationic surfactant

    Generally used in hair conditioning products and helps
    prevents static and repairs dry and damaged hair.
    Also used as an emulsifier in skin care formulations.

  • Humectant/Moisturizer

    Used in various personal care products for the purpose of providing moisture It maintains moisture and a moisturizing feeling by attracting moisture from the air or creating a film to prevent moisture evaporation.

  • Emulsifier

    The raw material uniformly mixes and maintains water and various emulsions and is used for the phase stability of formulations. A wide range of HLBs allows for multiple formulation applications.

  • Emollient

    A substance with lipophilic properties is used to soften skin or hair and increase shine. Also used as a solvent for UV blockers or as a dispersant for organic or inorganic pigments and colorants.

  • Rheology Modifier/Thickener

    Used to improve the usability and stability of formulations by imparting thickening-related effects from various personal care products

  • Active Delivery Enhancer

    As a solvent and carrier (capsulation etc.), it plays a role in delivering various active substances into the skin.


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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