Become the global-standard
raw material provider in the
personal care field.

Vision 2025

KCI has established ‘Vision 2025’, a mid to long-term growth strategy under the vision of ‘Sustainable Health & Beauty Life’. The goal is to grow as a global-standard raw materials provider in the personal care field by widely supplying innovative raw materials worldwide.

To achieve this, we have established a strategy of expanding customer and product portfolios and
establishing long-term growth while actively promoting specific execution plans that align with each strategy.

KCI Vision

Sustainable Health & Beauty Life

Rise to become a global-standard raw materials provider
in the personal care field.

  • Expansion of
    customer portfolio
    1. Secure additional MNC customers
    2. Promote large-scale distributors, Recommend partnerships
  • Expansion of
    product portfolio
    1. Development of bio-food convergence personal care products
    2. Secure growth area with global personal care M&A
  • Establishment of
    long-term growth
    1. Global sales capability
    2. Promote ESG, Enhance production capability

* MNC : Multinational Corporation

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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