We commit relentless dedication to build a society of collective prosperity.

We take our role as a socially-responsible company seriously. We are committed to helping the local community, bringing happiness to our employees, achieving joint growth with our partners and providing reliable products and services to consumers.


Striving for customer satisfaction.

Customers are a key factor in determining a company’s success. Many companies set a range of target customers and perform business activities such as establishing business strategies, production, and sales accordingly. KCI listens to the voices of customers regarding environmental friendliness, diversity, and sustainability, and performs ESG management activities reflecting them. We actively participate in customer satisfaction surveys, ESG evaluations, and international ‘initiatives’, and we are also expanding our eco-friendly certified products to enhance our company's image and customer satisfaction.

Safety &

Prioritizing the safety of our employees.

KCI recognizes the safety, health, and environment of its employees as the top priority value in its corporate activities and strives for industrial accident prevention and the creation of a pleasant working environment. We focus on internalizing a safety and health culture by strengthening safety and health management, conducting safety and health education and activities, and more.

Products &

Striving to provide safe products
to our customers.

The foundation of corporate value is a company's products and services. KCI rigorously manages its products and strives to provide safe products to customers by fully considering the social and environmental factors that affect product development and production. In the production and management activities of our products, we consider different chemical substance-related regulations and stakeholder demands, as well as identified risks and opportunities in different countries such as Korea, the EU, and the US. Once products are completed, we conduct random quality inspections on all products and strive to stably produce high-quality products that reflect environmental and human safety and maintain high functionality.

Supply Chain

Participate in sustainable management
with our suppliers.

As the scope of corporate responsibility expands throughout the value chain, the elements of labor, environmental damage, safety, and other issues throughout the supply chain are affecting products, services, and corporate reputations. KCI prevents negative issues through cooperation with suppliers and is continually evaluated for its suitability according to stakeholder demands. In addition, KCI has been developing and implementing sustainable policies based on RSPO certification standards since 2018 for responsible supply chain management.

Cooperation &
Human Resources

Considering our employees to be
our most valuable asset.

KCI actively operates human resources development, labor-management cooperation, and employee benefits programs to enhance the capabilities of our employees and create a positive working environment. We initiate the organizational culture and consider employees as the most important asset to pursue the sustainable growth of our company.


Established an information security system
to protect personal information.

KCI is establishing policies and systems to protect personal information by implementing an information security system in conjunction with our affiliates. We operate physical and conscious security solutions to improve information security awareness and strive to identify risks and strengthen response measures.

Information Protection Activities

(Unit: person)

Information Protection Activities
Division 2019 2020 2021
Information Security
Targeted person 156 170 167
Educated person 156 170 167
Ratio 100% 100% 100%
Customer Information Management Number of customer information protection violations 0Case 0Case 0Case

Human Rights

Striving to realize human rights management.

KCI strictly complies with the Labor Standards Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and practices human rights management and explicitly prohibits discrimination. Every year, human rights training is provided to all employees, and we operate a grievance-handling process to protect victims.


We refuse unauthorized email collection


We refuse the unauthorized collection of the email addresses on this website using email collection programs or other technical devices. Please note that any violation will be subject to criminal penalties in accordance with the Act on Information and Communications Network.

Posted on March 28, 2023

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