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We satisfies consumer's demand with producing HALAL certified products consistently and puts Consumer's satisfaction the first via innovation.

We will achieve our Halal Policy as below.

1. We assure the Halal certified products.
2. We assure the materials that LPPOM MUI admitted.
3. We assure out production facility do not use any pork, its derivatives or unsanitary/najis materials.
4. We educate all our shareholders to make them understand Halal Assurance System.
5. We compose a Halal management team for planning, implementation and corrective measures of Halal Assurance System.

PDF Download

To download the PDF, please provide your contact details below.
(※ The collected personal information is used for quick response or marketing purposes and is not provided to third parties.)
Consent Form for Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

1. Personal Information Collected
KCI Limited collects the following types of personal information to respond to your inquiries and provide consultation.
Required information: Fist name, Last name, Email, Company name, Duty, Country

2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
KCI Limited collects and uses personal information to provide customized services to its customers through 'PDF Download' board.

3. Period for Holding and Using Personal Information
If you do not want our company to hold your personal information, you may request that we delete it at any time. The information below shall be kept for the specified period as shown below for the reasons listed.
Holding information according to our internal policies
Retention period: 5 years from the date of processing the inquiry
Retained information: Fist name, Last name, Email, Company name, Duty, Country (subject and content)
Retention Reason: For inquiries • consultation and sales activities (e.g. sales marketing, customer service quality monitoring, etc.)
※ Personal information will not share with any third party.

I agree to the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information listed above.