Dear Customer and shareholders, we thank you for your cooperation and support.
For the past few years,most companies have felt difficulties under unfavorable business environment blown from depressed wold economic situation.
However with well preparation for 21st century,KCI is keeping highly growing activities every year and widening business area. 
We believe that it's from good customer's relations and correspondence.
Also we believe that we need to continue such an endeavors, and further finding something new ceaselessly in order to keep the current growing and proud of ourselves as one of leading company being able to stand in a line of well-known companies of the world personal care industries.
So,we will provide the best internal system to adapt ourselves to fluctuating  environment and display our full capability for the future. 
Watch our challenge and progress that is derived from good confidence with customers, and reliable quality control & service. 
All KCI members in sales, marketing, production and R&D, and their activities will give all full satisfaction and confidence continuously.
KCI Limited CEO, President
Young-Ho, Youn